Happy Tuesday!

And long time no speak. Do you know why? I have a confession to make...

Friends, I've gotten crypto-pilled!
Guess that means I'm one of those annoying Crypto bros now 👀

In all seriousness though, I've just been going deeper and deeper down the Crypto/DeFi/NFT rabbit hole.

There is just so much to learn. And the pace at which things are moving is so fast. That's why I've decided to put the podcast on the back burner for now. It was a serious time commitment with booking guests, prepping for interviews and all...
And that's just too much time away from Crypto.

Crypto right now takes up most of my energy and time. And I want it that way. It's just fun to be on the cutting and sometimes bleeding edge of technology. To be part of the future that's literally being built right now.

In hindsight, I think this decade will be pivotal in how the human species evolves...

Democracy vs Dictators

Decentralization vs MegaCorps

Nation States vs Sovereign Individuals

Peace ✌🏻 and wherever you are in the world right now, have an amazing day.

PS: Hit me up if you wanna talk crypto 😉

[Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash]