I'm Making Software to Save Tax Accountants Hours of Busy Work

I'm Making Software to Save Tax Accountants Hours of Busy Work

Since I'm being asked more and more what I'm working on at the moment, here's the short version of the problem I'm solving...

It's a way of semi-automating the creation of notes for a corporation’s annual report.

Essentially saving tax accountants hours of boring, repetitive work by automating part of their workflow.

Hey, I didn't say it was sexy or glamorous :)

But the need is there since most smaller tax accountants (as in solopreneurs or 1-2 employees) these days apparently hack something together using Word and old templates from kinda, sorta similar cases.

How do I know this?

You see, I have an inside man.

My stepdad is a CPA and tax consultant.

He came to me with this problem and wanted it solved.

Talk about scratching your own itch.

Talk about being your own first customer and grateful beta tester.

As my mentor bootstrapper extraordinaire Arvid Kahl likes to say:

Whenever there are people hacking something together using spreadsheets or some other workaround to at least save some time...there's probably potential for a SaaS solution there.

Again, super niche and unsexy stuff, but certainly a problem worth solving.

If you wanna talk about bootstrapping, tech, psychology, acting or dogs, hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email.

Always happy to connect with likeminded people on the interwebs :)  

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