So why exactly are crypto punks worth millions... While 99.9% of NFT projects aren't worth shit....

It's the community, stupid
How the tokenization of communities is unlocking billions in value as we speak. But first, wtf is a token and why should you care?

What is a token?
Making something into a liquid asset that can be sold or traded.
For example:
• a community membership
• a piece of a company
• a piece of art

Depending on the use case, tokens are either one of a kind - (NFTs) or exchangeable for the same token because they're all the same - (Bitcoin)

NFTs for communities = match made in heaven
Because of their scare nature, you can use NFTs as an access pass for private communities. For example, crypto punk holders have private chat groups. Only if you own a punk do you get access.

The value of a multimillionaire mastermind
Only 10,000 punks will ever exist.
Buying into a crypto-native mastermind for life for a couple hundred thousand?
Is this a good deal? You decide

[Photo by William White on Unsplash]