Gamification For The Win

Gamification For The Win

I've been a long-time Oura Ring user.
Oura does a great job of gamifying your sleep.
Whenever I get a below average sleep score, I'm haunted all day by it. The next day, my score is usually up substantially.

In general, we know that gamification along with community massively increases compliance and time spent inside the app.
That's one of the reasons why these days companies "bake in community" into their apps.
They know that you'll judge them by your results so they'll make it fun for you to follow through.

Also, if the business model includes advertising at all, then companies want to keep the user in the app as much as possible, since they want them to see all the ads.

While checking my sleep score this morning, which was a below average 72 by the way (I gotta go to bed earlier haha), I was thinking about other ways we could gamify our lives.

For instance, and I don't know whether or not this already exists, but you could
make an app for instilling healthier eating habits.
1) Snap a picture of your salad using your AR-powered Iphone camera.
2) The phone/app recognizes the salad and rewards you in-app with points.
3) You share your progress with friends.

I think some insurance companies recently started rewarding their members for healthy behaviors.
So if you never skip your annual checkup and get your blood work done, you get a discount.

Now, I know people tend to move away from pain rather than toward pleasure, so this gets me thinking: would it be ethical to make people pay extra for unhealthy behaviors?

I know that me personally, whenever I get a speeding ticket, for the next couple of days I drive extra carefully.

Some food for thought.

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