There's freedom in being judged by other people.

I got abused as a child.
It almost seems fashionable to say this in public these days with people like AOC and Tim Ferriss coming out.

I really didn't want to talk about this in public because I"m afraid of being judged.
Isn't that a fucked up though? For me to almost stay silent because of my fear of being judged.

Up until now, I'd spoken to only 3 people about it.
And yes, of course part of me is afraid to hit publish on this.
I'm sure he wouldn’t want me to talk about it.
All the fucking more reason to do it then.

My heart's pounding while I write this. Alright. Let me cut straight to the chase and give you something helpful, if you've ever been through similar shit in your life:

We decide the meaning we give to our past.

If you think you can't [insert BS here] because you were abused as a child, it's because you want to think that way subconsciously.
You're actual goal is to feel safe and special.
And your anxiety and fear are super helpful in achieving that goal right?

They keep you safe and cosy in your bed...tucked away from the evil world outside.

Going out into the world means feeling unsafe...
For what? Is it really worth it?

Well, that's only for you to decide.

It sure as hell was for me.