Arthritis is caused by high inflammation in your body. Therefore the #1 thing is to lower inflammation in your body at all costs.

I used to suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis for the longest time. It’s an autoimmune disease. Simply put, it’s when your body attacks itself.
And in my case, it’s the joints that my body would attack.

I sound like an 80-year old, but morning stiffness is what I grew up with. Growing up in Northern Europe with its cold, wet climate, I’d get severe flare-ups pretty much year round.
The doctors said there was nothing much I could do and to ‘just live with it’.

Fuck that.
I refused to surrender to my illness.
Instead, I got obsessed with learning anything and everything about it.

Here’s what I did to ultimately become pain-free after years of struggle:

Go on a high-fat, high-veg and low-carb diet. Natural foods only. No sugar. No processed foods. No alcohol either. Sounds easy? It’s not.

Pound Omega-3s. Aim for one tequila shot of fish oil a day. Yes, it’s disgusting. But do you wanna be in pain all your life or do you wanna be pain-free? Get mouthwash right after and you’ll be fine.

Take daily ice baths/cold showers. Go as cold as possible. This’ll increase range of motion in your joints. While torturous at first, you’ll get a kick out of it in no time.

Move somewhere warm. If you’re anything like me, your symptoms are much worse in the winter months, which is why ideally you wanna avoid winter altogether.