Fail fast. Fail your way to success. Fail forward.

I say: never fail and win BIG.
By never setting goals ever again.
Forget about goals.

Instead, set up systems that guarantee success regardless of the outcome.

Let’s say you write online for an hour every day.

What’s the worst case outcome here?
You’ll lose your fear of showing your work and you’ll become a better writer in the process.
This by itself is a fantastic outcome.

Now let’s look at the best case outcome:
Your writing will attract likeminded people and business opportunities into your life.
You’ll make a lot of friends and a lot of money.
This is an even more fantastic outcome.

Either way, you win big.

Because the system is such that you always win.

This is called an asymmetric bet.

An investment with a capped, easy-to-stomach downside and unlimited upside.

Like writing online every day.

Remember: Systems over goals.