I come from a family riddled with health problems.

Growing up, there must've always been at least one sick family member around. Either in the hospital or bed-ridden.

I didn't want that for myself.

I still remember mom making me do lots of sports because "you want to be healthy as an adult son".

And I sure did.

Moving away from pain is a much bigger motivator than moving toward pleasure.

So I started to hit the gym, learn ´╗┐about fitness and nutrition.

It was people like Peter Attia, Rhonda Patrick and Mark Sisson that got me into proper Biohacking.

Biohacking is making the body and the mind healthier through science and self-experimentation.

I got obsessed with cold showers, intermittent fasting and saunas. Friends were calling me weird, but I couldn't care less.

In the process, I learned about how our hormonal system works, the importance of sleep and how to fix mineral deficiencies.

I also started to spend like crazy on healthy foods, especially organic meat. And don't get me started on supplements haha.

And I've never felt better.

The point of the story: I cannot change the hand I was dealt, but I can play it well.

Because lifestyle choices matter.

(Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash)