I wanna sell smelling salts online. Do people wanna buy them though? I've no idea...

That's why I gotta test demand first. No point creating a product nobody wants after all.
And no better way to do this than using facebook ads.

Smelling salts are what athletes use to get in the zone.
The whole point of them is to trigger a full body adrenaline response. That way, you can lift more or sprint faster. The only catch: they're ammonia-based and bad for your health.

My hypothesis is to make all-natural ammonia-free smelling salts. But not for athletes but for knowledge workers...to get in the zone. Increase focus.

Trigger focus. With a sniff.

Salespeople have been doing this forever. At my former job, my boss would use a mint-scented spray for this.
It worked like a charm for him.
Only thing was the spraying was a bit clunky.

This is where I got the idea from.

The ads are going live tomorrow. I'm excited to see the results.