You are a cyborg already.

You take your phone everywhere with you.
Your phone is an extension of you.
Your second brain.

How many phone numbers do you know by heart?
I bet it’s less than 5.

And that’s good.

Because our brain capacities are limited. Rote memorization is a waste of brain power.
Besides, your phone has all the information anyway.

Your phone is the reason why the value of "easy to look up information” has gone down significantly.

How high exactly was hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic?
Easy to look up.

A deep understanding of inflation and its effect on our economy in 2021?
You can’t *just* look this up. This requires deep domain knowledge.

Meanwhile, the value of knowing fundamental principles has skyrocketed.


Therefore, we rarely take the time to fully understand complex subjects to the core.

But what does this mean for you?

In 2021, If you’re good at breaking down complex subjects online, you win.

And because of the Power Law, you don’t just win by a little.
You win by a lot.

But that’s for another time.