If you've been on Twitter in 2021 at all, you must've heard of decentralization or web 3.0.

Also known as the unbundling of central power.

You know how there's about a dozen huge tech companies dominating the internet right? Aaaand, you know how you use them all the time? Whether it's Amazon, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook...you get the idea.
And, you know how most of them are totally free to use right? Google for example is giving you exactly what you're searching for ...for free!

Yeah, I know, we all know Big Tech is stealing our data.

Seem like a pretty fair exchange after all? We give up our browsing history in exchange for free state-of-the-art online search.

Free services in exchange for precious user data.

Yeah, so in the future we won't have that any more.

Instead, we'll have tons of different  *decentralized* apps.

Think of your favorite social network for instance. In the future, you'll be able to use it without giving up data or control.

Barron Trump won't get kicked off decentralized Twitter in 2035.

In fact, he'll likely even get paid for posting too. How cool is that?!
And this is just one use case of the new decentralized web.

Sound crazy? It's happening already. But don't worry.
We'll dive deeper into how all of this works tomorrow.

(Photo by NASA on Unsplash)