And as you're sipping your vitamin-enhanced coffee, your personal Jarvis is walking you through your day.

"Team Meeting at 10 about the new product launch."

"Remote or in-person Jarvis?"

"I'm afraid Sir, your boss set up the meeting as an in person event."

"Lunch with Chris at 1 at Bod..."

"SILENCE Jarvis"

Barely awake and pissed off, you put down your coffee and rush into the bathroom.
You'd expected the meeting to be remote. Now you're late for work.

While brushing your teeth aggressively you mumble "Jarvis, time".

"Excuse me Sir, I didn't quite catch that."

You look into your smart mirror to check the time, but it recently broke.

"Going old school today" you think to yourself as you're finally checking the time on your phone.

"What?! Katie's got a new boyfriend?"

"Jarvis, compile Katie's newest social media posts and send them to my iGlasses"

You wanna go through them later today when you have a minute.

"Also start turn-by-turn navigation to the office"

"Got it. Katie's feed is ready for you and your ETA is 10:21"

You're dashing out the door trying to make that 10:21 ETA. The estimate is always off by a couple minutes and you're sweating already.

It's thunder storming outside. Goddamn! Should've asked Jarvis for the weather earlier.

(Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash)