I used to let unproductive mornings destroy my productivity for the day.

They’d happen maybe two or three times a month. Everytime they’d happen, I’d label the day as a lost day in my head.
I’d try to get back into it unsuccessfully only to get anxious AF for falling behind on my work.

Turns out getting out of a funk consistently is a skill that can be practiced.

It’s all trial and error though.
You gotta throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.
Maybe for you to get out of a funk you meditate. Maybe you do 20min of yoga. Or go for a walk.
I know someone who lights up a scented candle that takes him straight to his happy place.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.
Lighting up a candle to rekindle a happy emotion.

For me though, I have a whole ‘I feel shitty today’ routine that I do to snap out a negative state. It goes like this:

  1. Feel grateful for something in my life. Today it was the filtered clean water from my Brita. Really feel it. Let the gratitude envelope your entire body.
  2. 21 push ups. Why 21? It’s my favorite number. That’s why.
  3. Blast my favorite music and dance like there’s nobody watching. Today I put on  ‘1,2 Step’ by Ciara.

And I’m happy to report I snapped right out of it.