Hi, I'm Gabriel.

And I'm addicted to learning.

Seriously though. That's why I run the Addicted to Learning podcast.
It's the perfect reason to call up the world's most interesting learners and learn from them.

I've been a professional actor, e-commerce store owner, obsessive language learner and software engineer.

I've sold $10,000 dollar lingerie to Arab Sheiks in London, zip-lined through the Asian jungle and done shots with Russian Oligarchs.

These days, I code and write to try to make sense of the world.
Here are some of my favorite ideas. I say ideas because they're longer than a tweet, but too undeveloped for a fully-fledged essay.

This blog is my way of learning in public  - hope it's helpful to you.

Since you're here already, you might as well introduce yourself.
I love getting to know new people, so come say hi on Twitter. ‌

PPS: If you haven't already, please check out my podcast. It would mean a lot to me.