Today's episode is all about learning to conquer your fears and combating your limiting beliefs. Greg Monterrosa is a mentor, investor, and founder, with a track record of scaling ideas and growing businesses and ecosystems. Recognized by Congress for his contributions with helping founders bring their ideas to life. In this episode, some topics we talk about...

-Looking for Opportunities
- Learning to Lose
- Self Discovery
- Routines and Rituals
- Creating Your Reality

[01:27] Where are the biggest opportunities
[02:30] Learning to lose
[07:20] Self discovery and leveling up
[09:05] Prioritizing self care
[11:28] Value of stillness and meditation
[12:31] Digital health and the crypto-space
[13:39] Customer validation and building up ideas
[15:36] Future of crypto and healthcare
[18:15] Cold emailing
[19:58] Courage overpowering fear
[23:05] How to instill self confidence
[28:00] Asking for help
[31:00] Building new skills
[33:55] Combating limiting beliefs
[38:40] Importance of routines and rituals
[42:55] Create your own reality
[46:00] Live the best version of yourself
[50:30] Dealing with bad moments
[57:00] The Universe rewards value


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Learning to Lose
Code Academy
Richard Branson


Because, so people by nature want to help. They want to bring value to other people. So what we lack sometimes is the voice to say, Hey, does anybody have this resource? Hey, what anybody helped me with? Because the universe wants to help. It wants to see you succeed. But sometimes our own ego gets in the way and prevents us from doing that.

So like, if we eliminate that, here's why I can't out of our lives and go into a mindset of like, why not me? It just switches up the narrative. Hello, sir. Good, man. How are you? I feel like it's been forever since we've last spoken. Yeah. Like, yeah, for sure. I mean, just started exactly. It was like March last year or something.

Like yeah. A long time ago. I feel like, I don't know. I've aged by like 10 years. Right.

Seriously, man. How are you, how are you doing? How are you? Cause I saw on your Instagram, you've been going through some stuff. It's been quite a ride. So, uh, so since COVID I launched a retail store, so my attitude was as a mentor, I keep telling people, Hey, it's going to be okay. Hey, it's gonna be okay. But I wasn't in the trenches with my founder.

[01:27] Where are the biggest opportunities

So, um, so yeah, my business partner and I, we were like, okay, where does the biggest opportunity lie? And so we identified a market, um, we signed a lease, we opened up a retail store and, um, yeah, it's been thriving since this launch, which has been really exciting to be a part of and see. Yeah. Yeah. I saw the, uh, you're selling, um, it's like it's clothing brand.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we do like, so the attitude was as entrepreneurs we have to identify, like, where are the biggest opportunities? So COVID hits everything shuts down, but here in Los Angeles, there's still these massive lines for people trying to buy exclusive sneakers, luxury street wear, or vintage clothes.

So we identified that, that wasn't happening in a particular neighborhood. We created a brand, we launched it and the model has really been community first. And I think that that's, what's allowed us to thrive is to be able to focus on community. Like I, I saw on Instagram that there's this one pro uh, program you're involved with learning to lose.

[02:30] Learning to lose

Yeah. So that's been really exciting, the whole brand of learning to lose. Can you talk about that? Yeah. So. Prior to COVID. So this is a guy in my community, Patrick Rich, and this guy, um, is an amazing individual. He, uh, started a band at thrive. Um, him and his wife have gained Tik TOK, celebrity. And so he has this brand called learning to lose.

So his attitude is everyone is so focused on winning that when we do lose, we take it very personal. So what his brand has set out to do is to, to help community identify that look, it's okay to lose. So I'm within his walk. He went and launched a sober living house, which was really exciting to like see as his friend.

And so when he, right before they opened their doors to the community, his CEO, um, stepped away. So he asked me, Hey Greg, can you come in and help us out? So my background is in startups and scaling tech companies. So now here I am helping my friend bring his sober living house to life. And so that's been such an exciting ride.

So yeah, that's, that's the whole learning to lose a half stack that you see on there is, is us pushing that movement of recovery. It's okay to lose. You're going to be okay. And, um, it's just a team of us inspiring people, which has been again, really exciting to be a part of. So, so in the tech world, we're so used to like moving products forward, moving companies forward.

Right. And people do matter, but, but here in this, with this particular project, like it's really about the people. So these people are seeking to better their lives. Um, they're trying to stay sober. So for a tech guy to get pulled into that world has been an amazing experience. Yeah. And I mean, jeez, I know so many people, including myself that, you know, I'm not always a hundred percent, like you can't always be a hundred percent and I've had my ups and downs.

Like I've had a lot of downs last year also where I just, I just, I didn't, I didn't have it. And like, I was actually beating myself up a bit because I still remember when we were talking a year ago and I was like, okay. So I just started this podcast. Um, how do I grow this podcast? Um, and you were like, okay, in the beginning, you've got to hustle.

You gotta, you know, like DM and call hundreds of people to make it grow in the beginning. And like, I wasn't doing it. And I was like, Oh fuck. But Greg, you know, he said like, I gotta do this. And I started to be myself up. And then I was like, hang on. But like, am I not do I just want to not, uh, not put in the work because I'm not, I'm not actually about this podcast or am I just lazy?

Um, And, um, I actually took a couple of months off from the podcast and, um, you know, it's only toward the end of 2020 that I really got back into it and really doubled down, hired a part-time editor and real talk. It's really the part-time editor that gives me the structure and the like, I can't let her down.

You know, now it's no longer about me. It's no longer a selfish thing. Like I want to talk to all those, you know, great minds and learn from them not, and now it's like, I actually have someone on my payroll. I actually have to take care of her. And now it's like, it's becoming about, you know, just this one other person that I can't let down.

And now I'm like all about this podcast. I've done dozens of podcasts and like, it's going great. I love it. So you doubled down on yourself is what it sounds like you were like, you know what, let me invest in myself. Let me put my money where my heart is. So a lot of times it's founders, that's, that's where we tend to like, um, I don't even want to say the word slip up, but like loose faith in self.

Right. But that accountability of that other person is crucial. That's why, um, when people invest in startups, they tend to invest in startups that have co-founders because of that type of accountability. So, so having somebody hold you accountable, even you have to pay them to hold you accountable is very important to scaling your business or idea.

Yeah, man. It's like, cause it's so lonely, especially when you can't meet up in person. So like you're literally on the other side of the planet right now. And like personally, cause I'm such a people person, I think this will be 10 X better face-to-face but obviously this is better than not talking, but I do sometimes feel like, like I'm sitting here in Europe in my little, you know, like, because Europe is very like, you know, structured like bad.

There's not a lot of like people that are like doing their own thing over here. And, um, Yeah. So it's nice to talk to people like you to kind of like get that, um, that energy, you know, right. Well, let's go back to like when we, during our first interview. So during our first interview, I was suffering from like, like I was seeking my identity.

[07:20] Self discovery and leveling up

So I had just been this hub one Oh one guy helping entrepreneurs with my entrepreneurship center and all of a sudden that's not me anymore. So I had a like, self-discovery again. Right? So like during our last podcast, like I was going through that period of like, who am I? And, and it was really refreshing to like, take that period and identify like.

Where do my passions lie? Like, what am I good at work? Can I bring value to the universe? So it was me keeping an open heart that brought this project note room into my life. Like we were just sitting around and we were like, where opportunities lie. And like, now I couldn't think of my life without the milk room, because we've been a place where we inspire artists, musicians, designers, and it's been really cool to become that like cultural Mecca in Los Angeles.

So it's so it's really cool. When we last spoke, I had no idea what life had in store for me, but my attitude was like, keep faith, keep moving forward and watch things happen. So the universe just brought these amazing people into my life to say, help me bring this to life. So like, in your case, the universe, bringing this person into your life, right.

[09:05] Prioritizing self care

To help you out with your podcast. And then that person was able to level you up. Yeah, without you, without you, without that being your request from them, your request wasn't level me up, but their presence allowed you to stay accountable, be in the moment and deliver what they need to get their job done a hundred percent man, a hundred percent.

And can you talk to me a bit more, or like to us about this, you know, this journey, like how did you, you know, find out what you're good at? What, what, what date you do? Cause it seems like you did a lot. And um, can you talk about that process a bit? Totally. So, so for me, it always starts with allowing myself time for myself.

Um, so if I'm constantly moving at a hundred miles per hour, what the universe loves that my mind and my body doesn't appreciate that. So what a period like COVID did is it allowed me to reset my mind, right. To do the things that I'm interested in. So like playing basketball in the morning, a little meditation, creating rituals.

So then that allowed my true self to be present. So what that did is it prepared me for a project for any project. So in this case it was the milk room that it prepared me for. So I was like, all right, take care of myself. I don't know where I'm headed, but if I treat myself with respect, if I treat myself right, awesome.

Things are gonna happen. Um, because in moments like that, it's easy to fall into like depression, sadness, anger, right. But that's not going to serve the universe what's gonna serve. The universe is me operating out of a state where my heart is pure. And so as cliche as it is, it's allowing ourselves as people that, that moment of stillness.

Right. So that we can then identify like, wow, this is where a passion of mine lines. Wow. Like you look up and you're like, well, I've been doing this thing for so long and now it's bringing fruit into my life. It's when amazing things happen when we allow ourselves that moment of like reset in our lives.

[11:28] Value of stillness and meditation

Right. So like, if any of your listeners are going through a period right now where they're unsure as to who they are or what their next move is, I would highly encourage like meditation and stillness to help you come to the conclusion of what your next play is going to be. Yeah. Yeah. And this, this is like, I've been beating this horse to death over, over months now, but like, this is like saved me.

I do like an hour in the morning, every day. And like, without that, I'm like a mess. Like I'm like whenever I don't meditate, like, I feel like very on edge. And, you know, I ended up biting my nails and stuff like that, but on the days I meditate, um, I'm chill. I'm like, I'm so chill. And I'm like, just going to the park and just like, smiling, like almost looking like too happy to be true.

You know? Like, it's like, I'm just like, you know, I'm just looking at the flowers and I'm like, Oh, Oh my gosh. You know? Right. So how beautiful is that? Is that you get to choose that stillness in your life, right? So whether you allow yourself like three minutes or 30 minutes of just meditation, that in your mind and body just reset, right.

How all that is a choice. And to me, that's what excites me about life is how life is all cumulative choices. Like the choices that we make lead up to this moment. Right? So, so I find that really refreshing that it ultimately comes down to like my free will in life. And like, I get to choose how I spend my time, who I spend my time with.

And so those two things there, what's going to dictate my today and my future. So, so it's really refreshing. So that's the, my friends, like you reach out and they're like, Hey Greg, let's connect. I'm like, absolutely because it's that iron sharpening iron, or that you water me, I water you kind of relationship that we get to choose in life, which has been really cool.

[12:31] Digital health and the crypto-space

A hundred percent, a hundred percent. Um, let's maybe switch gears a little because I know like, you know, a lot about, you know, tech and business, and I've been getting a lot into digital health as well as the crypto space lately. And those are really like the two areas where I really want to make a difference.

And when I see, like I see myself in those two areas over the next, you know, 10, maybe 20 years even. Um, but I'm a bit like, um, you know, I code for money right now. Um, But like, I really want, like, because I feel in life, we only have like maybe a couple of big things that we can do really well. You know, maybe again, maybe it's three, maybe it's five, but like, you know, I mean, you've, you've, you've, you know, found that this mega successful business, that shit text takes a lot of work, um, and years of your life as well.

[13:39] Customer validation and building up ideas

So how can I, um, how can I sort of figure out, so I have narrowed it down to those two fairly big areas. How can I kind of like figure out, um, how to really pick the thing and then make sure like to stick with that thing over, you know, say five years or to really get somewhere meaningful. So I'm a fan of customer validation when I'm trying to bring an idea to life.

So, um, in your case, what I would do is I would go out there and talk to people to see what problems are currently facing. Right. So when you're talking about healthcare and crypto, I'm automatically thinking of like, wow, like I should be able to tokenize like my health record. Fuck. Yeah, yeah. You're right.

Yeah. Actually, you know? Yeah. So like, this is what this does, right? Creating that dialogue, talking about like, okay, here's the space I'd like to go into. So talk to more people like me until you identify like, wow, this sounds like a great opportunity. So now I'm going to go validate it with the people that face that problem before I build anything.

So if you're out there and you have an idea for a business, I'm going to say, go out there and talk to 50 people that face this problem you're trying to solve and then see how they're currently solving it and see if they're willing to pay for someone to solve this problem for them again, before you build anything.

[15:36] Future of crypto and healthcare

So you don't build on assumptions. Yeah, yeah. A hundred percent. And then, so if I want to validate this I'm tokenizing health data thing, do I go to, do I go to doctors? So I go to hospitals, do I go to, uh, healthcare providers? Wouldn't it be nice to identify like 10 people from each one of those segments to see who has that biggest pain point and then serve them?

Yeah, yeah, for sure. So that's the game I liked. That's the game I like to play. Right. Like, identify like who's facing this problem and let's go talk to this group. And from this group, let's segment out, you know, maybe it's just the doctors, but not the, not the healthcare organization right. That are facing this problem.

So, so yeah. Customer validation is going to be a huge part of bringing any idea. Yeah. I like that. I like that a lot. I like that a lot. And kind of like tangential to this. What are things in healthcare and crypto right now that you are really excited about right now? So, so right now in healthcare what's happening is, um, especially with the immunization of COVID is they're going to standardize your records.

Right. So I foresee like me going to the airport and having to show like an immunization record of some sort. So how all my medical history is going to be put into my phone. Right. And what's that going to look like? What's that going to feel like? And then in terms of the crypto space, um, NFT space is really exciting right now.

I got friends out there creating NFTs and making it happen. So it's really beautiful to see like the different worlds that come out of this one genre, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's like, it's like the wild West with NFTs right now. I mean, I feel like I I'm, like, it's such a wild card. What's going to happen with them.

Cause like there's so many people making NFTs right now. Are you familiar with Bitco yet? Oh, for sure. I was going to, this is one of my questions actually, because I just saw you signed up like today or something. Right. So, so that's, that's a trip, like the whole concept of big cloud, right? Like allowing yourself to learn something you're not familiar with.

Right. So I remember like logging onto the big cloud platform and be like, what's going on here. So all it took was me jumping into the right clubhouse room. And like, I was able to get walked through the whole process of like what it is, how it works. So that's really refreshing about the times that we live in today is how available information and smart people are.

Yeah. To me, that's so refreshing that I can fire my phone, go onto a platform like clubhouse and go learn from like industry leaders real time and be able to ask questions. Like if we're in an exciting time right now, yo you remember last year ago, clubhouse just got started. Great. But now here we are, bro.

[18:15] Cold emailing

I know. Right. And now like they just turned down like what, 4 billion or something. No big deal. So it's an exciting time that we're in. So like, yes, we were going through a pandemic right now, but that doesn't mean that there's not opportunity out there for people. So people that are just sitting out there waiting for things to get back to normal, like this is our new normal, and now is the time to take action on that idea on that project, on that call on that email, like now is the time, which is again, a really exciting time to be in accessible.

Everyone's accessible right now, which is really cool. Yeah. It, it, it's, it's crazy also with, uh, with cold emails, um, I'd been limiting myself kind of like thinking, no, I can't, you know, send an email to such and such because, but then it's like, no, hang on. Worst case is like, they're going to ignore the email, you know?

So let's just send the email. So how's that been working out for you? Yeah. I only really started doubling down on that, like real hard to be honest. So there's like a couple of quote unquote competing podcasters in my space that I'm not going to call out, but they got a couple of bigger names on and now I'm like, now, like my cause I'm like, I'm all about competition.

Um, so now I'm like, okay, um, if they're getting those bigger names on, like I'm going to have to, you know, one up them now. So I started going real hard on the cold emails and booked a couple of exciting people for, um, the next, you know, two, three months. And I'm going really well because in my mind, I'm just saying one in a hundred and it's not one in a hundred it's, it's more, it's significantly more than I'm getting, but it's like, I keep.

You know, this mantra and myself in my, in my brain and my mind, like one in a hundred. And then sometimes it's, you know, one in 50, maybe it's one in 20, but like, I always basically, uh, uh, uh, uh, what is it like over like, uh you're you know what I mean? Your one up yourself. Exactly. Trying to raise that bar for yourself, but isn't that cool?

[19:58] Courage overpowering fear

So, like, I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and we were talking about the fear of jumping off a cliff. So, uh, most recently he, my buddy took a trip to Hawaii and he was like, man, I was standing at the edge of this cliff, getting ready to jump into the water and the amount of fear and self-doubt that sank into my heart.

But then what helped me jump is knowing the fact that people before me and after me will jump in this water and enjoy the moment for what it is. Right. As scary and exciting as it is me falling into the water, that sensation of me like hitting that water and popping back out, right? Like he was like, I'm not going to deny myself that because of my own limiting beliefs.

So I'm really proud of the fact that you were like, you know what, let me send these emails out. Let me continue to raise the bar for my business, because at the end of the day, if you're not your biggest cheerleader, if you're not your biggest motivator, like you're fucked.

That's it right? Like we, we have to believe in ourselves wholeheartedly and utilize our network. Right? So like, if you were like, Hey Greg, do you have any exciting guests that I could book on my show? My Rolodex is going to open up to you. So that's scalable, right? Your past, the past people that you've interviewed or that you've interacted with to be like, Hey, do you know any amazing people that would be great guests on my show?

And that power of that referral will send a message home a hundred percent, a hundred percent. I will, uh, I will take you up on that for sure should. Because so people by nature want to help. They want to bring value to other people. So what we lack sometimes is the voice to say, Hey, does anybody have this resource?

Hey, would anybody helped me with. Because the universe wants to help. It wants to see you succeed. But sometimes our own ego gets in the way and prevents us from doing that. And again, it comes down to self and it comes down to choices, which I found amazing. And then the fact that we get the same 24 hours as the people that we admire and respect, right?

Yeah. I was talking to this one friend of mine and he was talking to me on how he did not have time to do this one thing that meant a lot to him. So, so I reminded him that Elon Musk is not only digging holes, underground, putting people on Mars, providing electricity and vehicles to people. Right. So I was like, bro, you've got the same 24 hours as this man does, like utilize the resources, utilize your team, build out your team.

Don't have resources or a team reach out and ask for that. So you have the same 24 hours in the day as your mentors, as the people that you most respect and admire. So don't sell yourself short is ultimately what it comes down to. Yes. And like I would say, I don't, I wouldn't say I'm a low confidence person and even I have those struggles.

[23:05] How to instill self confidence

So for a lot of people, it's, it comes down to like, how do you, how do you get that? Self-confidence how do you instill that? Self-confidence especially if maybe you don't have a lot of people, you know, believing in you and your, you know, your neighborhood or, uh, where you grew up. Um, this, something I've been thinking about a lot, because, you know, growing up in Germany, I'm certainly, you know, privileged.

I didn't, you know, I could have, you know, grown up, I don't know, in Africa. Right. So like, I didn't, you know, that was pure luck and now I have to, you know, make the most of it. But like, I'm just thinking, you know, like yourself, how can we like scale this? How can we reach more people. So, so for me, it scaling myself, I would credit me coming out of my comfort zone, me going into rooms, where there were people smarter than me.

Uh, me going into scenarios with a heart of, let me bring value to people that I need something from or to people that I respect and admire. So my attitude has been when I meet somebody that I really want to be a part of their life or their world. My energy is like, what do you need help with right now?

What obstacles are you facing? So by me knowing that, I mean, what either solve a problem for them or connect them to the solution. So guess what? Now I'm a part of that circle, right? So, so if you're lacking that in your life, identify a group of people that are a lot, like one of my favorite groups, they're all electrical engineers.

And I love this group because they could never have me as a member because I'm not an electrical engineer, but being in that room with people and seeing how their minds work and me being able to contribute to their ideas has been a beautiful thing. So allowing myself to step out of my comfort zone and out of the zone that I know.

Right. So it's real easy for me to be attached by my surroundings. But if my surroundings aren't leveling me up, it's time for me to go out there and discover and explore new surroundings. Right. So think of like the explorers back in the day, who were like, wait, what's over that Hill, wait, what's over that horizon.

What's across that body of water, right? So we need to be explorers in our own lives. So if we're feeling moments where we're like stuck, unsure, like reach out outside of your network and dive into those worlds. And now with, in the universe with places like clubhouse and Facebook groups, like there's no excuse to not get tied into a community.

And if you don't know what, like what your lane is or where you can bring value to is start getting involved in your community, identify organizations that are solving problems that you would love to solve and bring them value. So most recently I had this friend of mine who was like, I want to start a nonprofit that helps be kids in my community.

And I was like, well, that's normal and awesome. Look, these are existing nonprofits that exist, that are solving that problem. Why don't you go bring them value? And so that was a lot easier for him to do then to go create this non-profit raise money and try to solve this problem on his own. Right. So now this person was able to get down into a community that's passionate about what he's passionate about.

And he was able to identify like a different problem he can solve within that world. So allowing yourself to be uncomfortable for growth. It's crucial. Yeah. And it sucks because we have to, cause sometimes we have to let go of people. Right? So like, what I've realized is that it's okay to outgrow people.

So sometimes we look into our network of friends and we see people that just aren't living life where they're just not living life to the fullest. And they're, and they're constantly hitting us with like negative thoughts or, um, limiting beliefs. Right. So those types of people, it's okay to put those relationships on pause, to resume your own life and then come back to those relationships.

So knowing that it's okay to outgrow people and put relationships on pause is crucial for self-growth and discovery. Yeah. Amen. Amen. Amen. Uh, this is something, you know, I've been struggling with also, you know, outgrowing friends and then not wanting to let go also because like you grew up together.

Right. And it's like,

like it's like at, at some point, you know, like there, there just comes a time when you got to, you know, put yourself first. Right. It's the whole, like putting the mask on first prior to helping others. Right. Wow. Look at this guy. I like that. No, but that's really important, right? Like. Like, if the universe wants me to operate out of my best state, then I have to audit, like, what am I spending my time with?

[28:00] Asking for help

Where's my time spent. And like, how can I maximize my output? So like me, I can count my dear friends on like one hand, you know? And these are, and these are people that I confide in people that, that, that I look to for, for counsel. Right. And some of these people don't even know that they're like, my mentors are like my guru's in life, but like, I have different people for different aspects of my life that I reach out to.

And that's been a very important part of my growth is like having these people that I can bounce ideas and pains off of. Yeah. Yeah. As like, man, it's just so hard to, to ask for help, especially when you're feeling shitty, especially when you're down and out. I don't know what it is because like rationally, we all know that.

If we're in a bind, if we're feeling shitty, we got to go ask for help, but it's just so hard to actually do it. So that's when we have to get our ego out of the way. So it's my ego. That's preventing me from asking for, so for help, but my soul desires that help, right? It's like, please like, let me get people to come in and let me get comrades involved so that they can come in and help me either fight this fight or help me identify like where my strengths lie.

Right? So it's like, again, it's that self audit is that moment of stillness. That's going to help remove that ego that prevents me from calling you and say, Hey Gabriel, I'm having a really bad day. Can I bounce some ideas or feelings off of you? It's my ego that prevents that kind of dialogue. Right. We just don't want to.

Yeah, exactly. Like, cause you don't want to like seem weak, right? You don't want to see needy. But it's okay to the right people. Right? So like, so like in my case, I mentor people throughout the world. So I get those phone calls from people where they're like, I'm not feeling a hundred percent today. And sometimes my friends, all they need is, is just somebody to listen to them.

I don't have to solve problems. I just have to listen. And yeah, for the most part, people come to their own conclusion is like, wait, I think I figured out how to get myself out of this situation just by vocalizing it with somebody. So again, removing ego and then finding people that you can confide that you can not confide in, but just talk to right.

Is crucial. So like, if anyone is listening to this podcast and they don't have that person in their life, I'm inviting them to slide into my DMS. And if, and if I can't help you out, I'm sure someone in my network is able to bring your life value so we can get you where you need to be. Yeah. And so to me, that's going to be a very important part of my life.

And it's been a very important message for me to where my role is to bring value to the universe. And how do I do that by empowering those around me? Why? Because it makes me more powerful at the end of the day, you know, like we can't hoard all this power and all this knowledge, I need to build up those around me so that we can all thrive together and living that model, which is what I've been doing for the past few years has been so beneficial to my life because I'm able to develop true relationships with people which has been so inspiring and so refreshing for me.

[31:00] Building new skills

What do you say to the person that's like, yeah, but that's cool Greg. Cause like, you know, you in a privileged position, but I'm working like two jobs and you know, I don't I'm, I'm barely, you know, making ends meet. So that's the point where we have to learn a skill, right? Yeah. So like there's a list for everything out there.

So right now, if I Google the highest paying jobs in your city, in your country, in your state, I'm going to go to pull up a list. And for us to learn a skill out of these 10 jobs would not be unreasonable. Right? So now I've heard, so now I can go, I can go on Coursera. I can purchase a mastermind. Like I can learn anything I desire.

So if I'm feeling like I'm stuck or in a rut, I need to ideate. And especially if it's a financial rut, I need to identify, okay, what are industries and trends that are on the rise where I live. In my community. And then how can I participate in that? So I've got plenty of friends that have taught themselves how to code through like no code academies.

They've taught themselves design through, through online courses, people that have learned social media, marketing campaigns through like the LinkedIn courses that they offer for free. So on LinkedIn, I could go on LinkedIn and learn how to manage social media accounts for free. So now with that knowledge, I'm able to scale myself, I'm able to survive.

I'm able to bring value to somebody is going to pay me for my knowledge. So again, if someone's building in a rut, if someone's feeling like Greg, but like it's easier said than done, you get the same 24 hours in a day than the people you respect and admire. Right. We can figure this out and you're going to be all right.

[33:55] Combating limiting beliefs

I man, I'm feeling so strongly about this because like that used to be this person, you know, I used to make so many excuses all the time and I used to be like, you know, yeah, I'm not in the right city. Or like, I don't have enough money or like, I don't know the, the right people. And it's like all those excuses.

And like, now it's just like the whole, I'm like over this and I'm actually doing the things and it feels so good, but now like I've leveled up. Right. And now there's people like that are still, you know, making those excuses and like, I really want it for them, you know? Like I really want them to also level up.

But at the end of the day, I can only like, man, again, one of those things, I can only give them like the, the box that the tools, you know, they have to do the work themselves. So, but it's just so frustrating to see like, people you love, um, be struggling with this because like they have like some. Things, some like roadblocks in their mind, almost that, you know, they, they're not willing to overcome and then they just keep spinning in circles.

Right. So, so those, those, I call limiting beliefs. Those are beliefs that we've set in our own heart and our own conscious as to why we can't. So of course the universe isn't going to provide for us, of course, the universe isn't going to give us the life we deserve because I'm over here thinking here's why I can't have that.

Here's why I can't achieve that. So like, if we eliminate that, here's why I can't out of our lives and going to a mindset of like, why not me? It just switches up the narrative. And so when we look at people like the Richard Bransons of the world, so like he started with the record shop. And then he like this man owns an airline owes a phone company owns like, if you wouldn't talk about like somebody being in a messed up scenario, like read the Richard Branson biography, like his upbringing, wasn't easy, his resources weren't there.

Nothing was given to him. He wasn't in a position to where he could just Google something and identify like, Oh, this is the solution to this problem. Right. So people like that can figure life out and thrive. Then why can't you? It's that limiting belief? It's that belief that, here's why I can't. So like, let's start there.

Right? Let's let's shake that out of your system. And let me show you, like, why you're the ideal person to solve this problem. And if your limiting beliefs continue, then it's time for me to move on from this friendship, because then that person becomes toxic. Right. We've all had that friend that we share ideas with them and they tell us here's why it won't work.

And while that's fine, every now and then all the time isn't going to be benefited. So for us, yeah, for sure, man, for sure, man. Um, but how cool is that? It's all choices at the end of the day. Yeah. Like Barcelona, this, our sorrows, our happiness are all choices that we have done that lead up to this moment.

Like recently somebody messed me up and they were like, Hey Greg, you're on your last life. So like, I'm at a party and this lady walks up to me and she's like, Oh, when's your birthday? What time were you born? And she's like getting all this data from me. And she was like, Oh yeah, you're on your last life.

And I'm like, wait, what, who invited you here? Like, who are you? And like, I don't know if she was being serious or not, but I took it to heart where I was like, wait. If this is my last life, this moment right now has been the moment I've been waiting for my entire life. Am I shortchanging myself or am I giving it my best?

Because it's easy to operate through life and default mode, right? Wake up, brush your teeth, pour coffee, go about your day. But it's another thing when you're like, you know what, let me truly give it my best. Let me over achieve for the sake of me today. And it's awesome, man. Like when that mind shift shifted in my heart, after that lady told me I was in my last life, I was like, you know what?

I have to give him my best. Like that moment I've been waiting for my entire life is now that tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is today. So then it hit me what a 16 year old me be inspired. And once I hang out with myself where I'm at right now, and if not, what do I need to do to level up. So like, imagine a 16 year old you Gabriel, if he was sitting across from you, would he be like, Oh, this is an inspiring person.

This is somebody that I want to be like, when I grow up or like add this little guy, what does he know about life? Like this? Just, just keep it moving. Right? Yeah, dude, like I just turned 27 couple a couple of weeks ago and I feel like so,

right. So imagine like a 15 year old deal. What a 15 year old, you be proud of. You be inspired by you. Like, you don't have the answer that just keep that in your heart. Right. And then we operate out of that state of like, wow, I'm doing this for the younger version of myself so that the older version of myself can thrive.

Yeah. Yeah. And then on the other side, right also will the 80 year old, uh, what, the 80 year old me be happy with where I'm at right now, because like the 80 year old Gabriel doesn't want to have, you know, Any like major regrets. Yep. So then again, how cool is that, that it's all choices in life that we make?

[38:40] Importance of routines and rituals

No one makes choices for us. Like yes, people, people will be, will contribute to the choices that we made, but ultimately like every choice we make is ours to make. So that's why I'm a fan of developing rituals and routines for, for ourselves just to be a better version of ourselves. Right? So like, to me, like morning, stillness is huge, not reaching for my phone.

As soon as I wake up in the morning is huge. But like these are rituals that I've developed to help me be the best version of myself, because it's really easy to wake up, reach for your phone and start scrolling and seeing lives. You want to live bad news or like, that's not an ideal way of starting off in my opinion, my day.

So I get the choice of creating rituals for myself. So like for listeners out there that are feeling like, wow, my life doesn't feel like I'm living with purpose. My life doesn't feel like I'm out there achieving my goals. Will this look at what your rituals are? This let's look at how you start your day, how you end your day and like, let's start developing rituals there.

Oh, you're so like, I don't know. I just love your, your presence. I know I'm not there in real life, but you just like, you radiate this energy and like, I'm just receiving it over here. And like, it's just giving me like positivity and like energy. Yeah. I can't put a differently, like you giving me like all this energy and I'm just like on like a different, you know, like frequency or something.

Thank you. What we're supposed to do to our friends though. And people that we care about. Like this continuously level up our friends, like, let's stop this like ridiculous narrative that we've created of. Like, so like I went from like asking people, how's your day to, what's been your favorite part of today because I'm tired of like the answer of, Oh, my day is good.

Is it though? Is it really good? No, no, no. Let's talk about your favorite part of today. So then what that does into your mental Rolodex, you're going through like amazing moments in your day. You're like, wow. That walk I took with my friend was my favorite part of today, or that moment I solve that problem.

Right. So like how we dialogue with other people is really important. Right. So it's nowadays it's rare when you hear me ask people, like, how was your day? Cause ultimately I really don't care. Like talk to me about like, what did you enjoy today? Or like, what did you learn today? Right. So we have that choice to change the narrative with the people we surround ourselves with.

Exactly. You put them in a good mood too, because they're like triggering like the happy, you know, the happy memories. Right? So that's a little hack, you know, that, that, that I've implemented into my life to where instead of asking people, how's your day, like not what have you enjoyed today, or what's been your favorite part of today and it just causes this beautiful effect.

I like that, right? Yeah. Yeah. Our, our response, our responsibility to the universe is to live in excellence. That's it? That is all the universe. That is the university's expectation of us just live in excellence. And what school is that excellence is subjective. So your definition of excellence is different than mine.

[42:55] Create your own reality

So your responsibility is to living your excellence while you allow me to live in mind. And they're going to be different. They're going to be different, but if we're both operating out of a state of excellence, talk about bringing value to the universe, right? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You just have smiling. So that's why, like my favorite part of life is like being able to choose who I surround myself with, who I invest in, who I spend time with.

Right. So like, I'd rather be by myself than with a large portion of the population out there. Because if I'm by myself, I know it's gonna allow me to level up, go learn something, go contribute to something or go enjoy something, right? Yes. A hundred percent. Well, I'm excited for your podcast. Like when we first spoke, you had just launched this thing, you were getting up and running and then when you started like promoting it again, how receptive was the universe to your message?

Yeah, really receptive actually really receptive. I must say. So we've been waiting for this, but it's been, you that's been preventing this, right? Yeah. I was in a way like self sabotaging, you know, how cool is that though? Because imagine if I would have been sabotaging you, then that really would have been messed up, but another person was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, not yet.

Not yet. No, no, no, not yet. But in this case it was you. And to me, I find that so empowering that, that I get to create my own obstacles as well. Like if someone else creates obstacles for you, that's a bad person. But if we create obstacles for ourself, like we're not an evil, bad person, like, come on, like, let's be real here.

Right? Yeah. So like that's self accountability of like, wow. Like I really need to sh like shake that negative thinking out of my spirit, out of my body, out of my mind, how do I do that? Let me sit in stillness. Let me surround myself with inspired people. Let me learn a skill. Because to me, that's the thing.

When people stop learning, like something happens, like I'm on the constant quest of like, wait, what? Isn't an empty, what is a big cloud? Like they meet, dive into different worlds and learn about it and not be like that jaded old man. Who's like, Oh, that's for the kids. No, no, no, no. I need to be in the trenches.

I need to identify like, wait, how do you upload NFT? Where do you buy NMT from like, how does this work? You know, like I need to learn that so that then I can like share that knowledge with other people. A hundred percent, hundred percent man, a hundred percent man. Do you have any like parting words, anything you want to like, I don't know, speak your mind.

Totally. So, so this time, last year, uh, they had just logged down our city. Um, I was going through this emotional roller coaster of like, who am I? What value am I bringing the universe? And, and it was scary. It was lonely. It was sad. But what I took is I took the approach of life being like a, like a campfire, right?

[46:00] Live the best version of yourself

So identify a passion, identify an opportunity. My responsibility is maybe I start with bringing dry leaves to the fire, and then I find a bigger log. And then I find a bigger log. And then I find little twigs and I just keep feeding this fire to where it eventually becomes this roaring uncontrollable fire that lives in our heart that we've taken action towards.

Right. And I didn't know that this was going to lead to me, opening up a retail store, but I I'll tell you right now, there's nothing else I'd rather be doing right now. But it was me feeding the fuel of like, okay, where do my passions lie? Identifying opportunities, solving problems, bringing value to people.

So let me keep doing that. And the universe is going to present a project to me. It's going to present the right people to me. Am I the smartest guy? No. Am I the fastest guy? Strongly doubt it, but I'll tell you what I'm going to keep making moves towards that best version of myself and I'm not going to stop.

And it seems about energy, right? It seems like you intuitively understand where you get energy from and then you like doubled down on that. Right? We have to, right, because it's because it's easy for us to live the opposite of that. And we've already seen that movie and it doesn't work. It leads us into holes of depression on satisfaction on fulfillment.

Right. So I'm striving to like, live that best version of me. And what I mean by that is not just for setting like the fun parts or the awesome parts of my life. Because me being the best version of me, it's going to entail pain. Growing hurts, growing is going to be tough, but it's how I deal with that.

That's going to see me through that situation because quitting is the easiest thing we can do, but seeing things through is hard. And that's where people thrive is when they see things through, it's easy to quit. That's the easy way, but like seeing things through, right. Figuring it out. Like how many, how many shots did someone like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant missed.

Right. Like, we have to think about that and we have to be okay with that. Like it's okay for me to miss shots, I will fail. But it's all about how I bounce back from that failure. That's going to make the difference. So again, in the case of like a Kobe Bryant, the mama mentality, where this man, without practice everybody, the amount of time you spent in the gym, perfecting his craft would put all his peers to shame even at the top of his game.

So when like tiger woods at the top of their game, they changed their golf swing because they realized that they could make them a better player. And at the top of his game, he's like, you know what, let me change my golf swing because I know I can be better. So that's awesome. That self outage of like, you know what, I'm going to design a life where I'm unstoppable, where I accomplished things, but I know it's going to hurt.

It's going to take sweat and it's going to take discipline. But then you're not going to have any regrets at the end though. Imagine exactly. Yeah. 80 year old, you would be like, good job son. Good job. 16 year old is going to be like, wait, I need to hang out with that guy because he makes things happen.

He's living a life that I aspire to live. Exactly. So for your listeners out there, you're right. Do it for the 80 year old version of you and then do it for the 16 year old version of you, dude. That's like, I'm a, I'm a tweet this right now because it's so cool. Cause like, so it's easy to be like, I'm going to do this to make my parents proud.

I'm going to do this to make my partner proud, right? No, no, no. Let's start with self. Fill your cup up. Like recently somebody turned me on to this awesome quote where they're like, if you what's the difference between like and love. If you like something, if you like a flower, you pluck it. If you love a flower, you water it.

So water yourself, you know what I'm saying? It's so easy, you know, like neglect ourselves, right? Wondering why the universe isn't giving us what we deserve because we're not loving ourselves. And what does that mean? It's like, that means living a life, that where we feel purpose, we feel passion. We're bringing value to people and it could be like the smallest things, like holding the door for somebody like what a great feeling that is.

[50:30] Dealing with bad moments

Right. When you're walking into somebody, you take a moment to take another person to account. You're like, Oh no, here, please go ahead. Like that person can help us smile. And then you can help feel dissatisfied. So it's like those small actions turn into like this enormous feeling in our hearts. So bringing value to the universe and then no one cares that you're having a bad day.

And I'm not saying that your bad day is not. Important, but like no one cares. So our responsibility is to live in excellence and to identify like, how am I going to get out of this rut? Who can I talk to? What resources are available to me so that I don't feel this way. All right. But like, let me give you pushback on this though.

So if you have a bad day, cause I know you also get bad days, we all get bad days, right? Yeah. What are you doing this bad moments? Uh huh.

And do is identify that what just happened? It should not define my day. So if I'm hit with an obstacle, if I'm hit with, with a truth that I don't like, if I'm hit with uncomfortableness, how I react is going to dictate how good of a leader I am. So when you said, Oh, if you have a bad day, my immediate response was no, no, no, I don't have bad days.

I have bad moments because I'm not going to let that carry throughout my day. I'm going to say, wow, I really messed up. How do I solve this? Or, wow. Like this caused me to feel a certain type of way. How do I make sure that I don't feel this way anymore? Right. So like in relationship with people, right? So like this buddy of mine yesterday was like, Greg, you don't see the word, sorry enough.

And I'm like the word, sorry, has lost meaning to me because it's such a default, like responds to when somebody mess, like, does something. Right. Well, I'm sorry where my reaction would be. Just don't do that again. Don't apologize to me. Just don't do that again. Do you know? So well, again, it falls into that world of like, I'm not having a bad day.

I'm just having a bad moment. And how am I going to react with that bad moment? And am I going to let it affect my it's not fair to my entire day. And like, do you, are you able to like, get out of your own head and like kind of like take a bird's eye view and like snap out of that. Oh, so that is so hard for me to do, but it's so important for me to do, right.

So that's going to take discipline. So most recently I self audited myself and I was like, okay, identify a moment where I was overachieving and giving life 110%. What was I doing then? What was I focused on? What were my daily routines? And how was that different than today? So like in my case, I identified.

So like, those is stretch where I was just like overachieving, but in the mornings I would wake up and go play basketball for 45 minutes. So like, let me do that to continue into that overachieving mode. Right? So for me, it did something physically and mentally to go out there and shoot hoops for 45 minutes and it all, and that all stemmed from like me being embarrassed, playing a basketball game.

So I'm out there playing basketball with my friends and I can't make a shot for the life of me. So I'm like, you know what, I need to go Kate, like 45 minutes of my day and just practice shooting this ball. So this doesn't happen again. But then that turned into like my body appreciating that my mind loving that moment of like activity and fresh oxygen into my brain.

Right. So it's cool. Like that self audit, like, am I really giving it my best and what would giving it my best look like, okay, let me do that. Especially when you're in a state of like depression, when you're in a state of like limiting beliefs where you're like, wow, I'm not smart enough to do this. It's like, no, no, no, no.

Let's change your mindset. Let's change that narrative you've created in your head. And it's like, why not you? Why wouldn't Gabriel be the number one podcast in the universe? Like, why not? So like, what do we have to do to get there? And like, let's feed that fire every day. Well, that moments like that things will happen, but it's all about how we react.

Yeah. So I learned the tuck and roll, roll, tuck and roll. So when you're riding a horse and the horse bucks you off, like the horse goes crazy and you get knocked off the horse, instead of you landing flat, you're supposed to like crawl up, just tuck and roll and boom. You bounce right back.

It's a controlled way to falling. Yes. Yes. I like that. I like that. And I liked the thing about habits and I also, I like the, I would add to that, like, Kind of like identifying what people that have achieved, uh, that have achieved already what you want to achieve and like to do those behaviors, like success leaves, clues.

Exactly. So just mirror success, right? Like information is so readily available to us. So like a few nights ago I was like, wow, like then you learn about big cloud. And I found myself in a room with one of the creators of big the cloud. You know what I'm saying? That's how readily available information is.

But it's me taking that leap of faith of like, Oh, let me use this platform. That's brand new, that's foreign. And like, let me figure out how to work with this and let me contribute and bring value. Yeah, I, yeah. So you've got this, like, like if anyone's listening to this podcast and they're feeling unsure about like their journey right now, like first you have to know that they are not alone.

[57:00] The Universe rewards value

The rest of the universe is going through this with you. So it's our responsibility to be the light to other people, especially ourselves. Right? So like, in my case, like that might cook over water. So they may be that individual that I respect. And I admire before I leave my house, let me get all my rituals done.

So when I go outside, I can be the light to others because others are the lights of me as well. So I have to contribute to the system. Right. I just can't receive, receive, receive, receive, and not contribute. So like this buddy of mine was recently dealing with depression and I was like, why? He's like, I have no purpose.

I feel like I have no purpose in life. My career was taken from me. What kind of value do you like bringing people on, like working with kids and just like helping kids out. So he went and volunteered with this local nonprofit. That's helping kids with their homeworks and their schoolwork throughout COVID.

So that allowed him to identify. So that allowed him to pursue, like, to feel like he's bringing value to the universe. So then his mindset shifted to where, like he's bringing value. The universe is going to give him the life he deserves. So now he was able to build a team and start this project and identify like, wow, like, like now, like I was able, I'm able to like work with my team and like bring something to life where like beforehand volunteering beforehand, bringing value.

It was like, why is the universe not doing anything for me? It's like, no, no, no. What are you doing for the universe? Like, go out there, roll up your sleeves, like bring value. And the universe is going to reward us. Like just a little thing. Like it could be like me moderating a room or like me connecting people.

Just bringing value. Like the universe rewards that so beautifully. Thank you. Like what you're doing here, the value you're bringing to the universe with your content. Like the universe is going to reward you for that, you know, tapping into your podcasts that are, that are listening and they're walking away with gems.

Um, the work that you put into it, the investment you've made it to yourself to hire somebody for your podcast, the universities that, and it's going to react to that in such a beautiful way for you. And if it's not with this podcast, it'll be with future projects where you're like, okay, now I know what I need to do, but I need to build out my team and, you know, eliminate self limiting beliefs, and I need to bring value and build community.

Exactly. And if it's not directly of as podcast, maybe as someone that I'm going to meet because of you. Well, I'm going to like work with, and like, then it would all go back to the podcast because without the podcast I wouldn't have met you. So then like, it's the whole, like, you can only connect the dots afterward thing.

Yeah. Beautiful. Because you created that. Like, if not for the podcast, you and I probably, would've never connected. You know what I'm saying? You and all the people that you've interviewed probably would never connect it. And now that you have a special place in our heart toward like now I've Gabriel sends me an email.

And if Gabriel sends me a direct message, I'm going to read it. I'm going to respond with joy and happiness because you bring value to the universe is how it works because I got a lot of DM, but people are like, Hey Greg, I need money. Hey Greg, I need this. Hey, Greg, I need that. Hey, Greg, I need this, which is fine because it's few people that bring the universe value the way that you do.

So just keep it up. Keep building on your team, keep putting out awesome content and know that it doesn't happen overnight. To me, that's the most, one of the most beautiful quotes ever. I don't know who it was. They were like, my overnight success took 10 years.

You know what I'm saying? So it's like that fire every day, that's going to eventually turn into something. So like, my advice for people out there is like, don't lose hope. Like just keep making moves and keep building your team out, right?

Yes. But you've got this family. You've got it. Yeah. A hundred percent man. A hundred percent. All right. I'm uh, I'm going to be cognizant of your time. I'm going to let you go. Awesome. Oh man. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Have a good night. Okay. All right. You have a fantastic day. I'll see you soon.

Bye bye. Bye. Thanks so much for listening. If you like the podcast, please subscribe and leave a review on iTunes or Spotify and share the episode with someone, you know, It w really helped me out a ton new podcasts coming out every Monday. See you next week.